The Earth Collective at Sunder Nursery

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by Mibu Minami

One of the things I love about Delhi is that it is GREEN! Lush greenery is spread across the city with tall trees and some speckled with vibrant colored flowers. It’s wonderful being surrounded by so much green and it helps to takes my mind off the daily chaos and noise of Delhi. There are numerous parks, some are maintained so beautifully that I often wish that the weather could be less harsh and pollution better controlled so we could spend more time outside. Wishful thinking? Nonetheless, people living in Delhi will surely agree, the weather here is lovely during the months of March, October and maybe the firs week of November. Warm breezy sunshine days, though short, are a nice break after a cold hazy winter or the scorching hot summer that seem to last forever.

After months of lockdown and just in time with the good weather, October welcomes back The Earth Collective Organic Natural Lifestyle Weekend Market at Sunder Nursery. It aims to encourage consciousness around personal health, wellbeing and environmental sustainability by bringing together like minded people. From sustainable goods and produce., organic vegetables and nuts, plants, natural beauty products, bean-to-bar chocolates and more, the market brings together good honest products made by good honest people. If you are looking for a natural more healthy gift this holiday season, this is a good place to start.

(Nature meets art with Viva Botanica: indoor plants in vibrant hand painted and hand-crafted pots)

Food and coffee are also sold here with several tables and chairs (in good distance of each other) But you can also grab a small bite and find a nice spot under a tree in the adjacent Sunder Nursery. (I do recommend a stroll through the very spacious green nursery and visit the 16th century monuments that are preserved and open to visitors)

(Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate by Darkins)

Contactless payments are available and all staff and vendors wear face masks and gloves. It’s  also important that you maintain social distance protocol along with wearing face mask and washing hands upon entering and leaving the market. Sanitizer stations are available on the premises and the bathrooms are kept very clean and available close to the market area.

(Handcrafted Pashmina by House of Nimo)

The market opens at  8:00 and ends at 13:00. It’s best to get there early as more people seem to gather after 10:30.
Entry to Sunder Nursery is 35RPS  (15RPS for children between 5 – 12yr and free for children below 5yr) Pets are allowed too but please make sure to pick up after your furry friends. 

The Earth Collective:


Viva Botanica:

House of Nimo:

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