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Is there anyone who would deny shopping? Especially when you have an option to get the best goods at an affordable price, isn’t it nice to know about such places? Many places in India give you a fantastic shopping experience, but street shopping in Delhi is definitely unique. You can go crazy with the variety it has. Delhi is one of the most happening places for street shoppers.  

There are many streets in Delhi where you can hop from one lane to another, purchasing everything you want, but Janpath Market is one great place you must not miss. If you can go with someone familiar with the area, it will make the exploring experience even more enjoyable. 

Every shopaholic would undoubtedly fall in love with this market as you can shop for everything under one roof. Right from handmade cotton dresses and sarees to fancy table mats, local pillowcases and even centre pieces for Christmas, Halloween, and so much more.  The prices are cheap compared to the US or Europe but just be prepared to bargain, as that’s the name of the game. 

Janpath Market is divided into several sections:

  • Tibetan Market

If you are keen on acquiring antique-looking pieces, wooden or metal statues, incense, shawls or kitsch silver jewelry, you will find a variety of items for a good price at the Tibetan Market inside Janpath.  You will also find paintings, Tibetan singing bowls in many varieties.

  • Flea Market

The Flea Market at the Janpath is one of the best places to find knockoffs. If you can tune up your bargaining skills, you can pick up a  Zara look-alike for 300 Rupees or maybe even less.

  • Main Market 

If you want to get some quality products, the primary market is the best place to shop. Although the items you get here are slightly pricey, the quality is relatively better than the other markets. You can get to shop for clothes, footwear, jewelry, and knick-knacks from this market as well. The main market is between the Flea Market and the Gujarati Market.

  • Gujarati Market 

If you are looking for some colourful interior decorations for your home, the Gujarati market will have it. This one is our favourite market in Janpath. Starting from the brightly coloured pillow covers, the lovely bedspreads, fancy round table mats, and even theme mats and runners according to the season. They really have it all at different prices but well worth each rupee spent at this location to make your home look a million bucks. There is so much to choose from and so inexpensive you won’t know which one to take or if you should take them all… 

It’s also a great place to buy or find lots of junk Afghani jewelry in a large variety and styles to take back home as gifts. You can also get the traditional Gujarati Kurtis, dresses, and vibrant coloured bags to go with the attire at this place. 

Now that you have gathered all the details on the Janpath market shopping, if you are visiting Delhi, take the time to explore this area, and if you are permanently living here for a few years as an ex-pat, don’t leave it to the end. You might regret it. The shopping here and the experience of life in Delhi as a local is undoubtedly unique. 

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