N0. 3 Clive Road and the Founder Radhika Chopra

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by: Moza Alkharusi

Meet the creator of India’s luxury tea brand N0. 3 Clive Road: Radhika Chopra.

Living in Delhi it is impossible to miss the delectable tea that is NO. 3 Clive Road. I first spotted the brand while visiting Chanakya mall (usually a must stop for newcomers and visitors visiting Delhi)  at NicoCaara. Being an avid food explorer I knew I needed to sample more their delicious teas.  I purchased the tea sampler online (my favorite was the Jaipur blend!) and their organic green tea is simply divine. I was hooked!  Soon after I had the pleasure of being introduced to the founder and creative director Radhika Chopra, an inspiring entrepreneur who has brought her  background and love for art into her passion for creating luscious tea blends and artistic sophisticated packaging (a perfect gift for someone special). 

We caught up with Radhika Chopra via email to learn more about No. 3 Clive Road and the story behind the luxury hand blended tea brand.

No.3 Clive Road latest blend- Triveni Blend

MangoliMag (MM): What is the story behind your unique name No. 3 Clive Road?

Radhika Chopra (RC): No. 3 Clive Road was the address in New Delhi where my father was born in 1931, the year the city was inaugurated as the new capital of the British Raj. It was a newly completed Lutyens bungalow assigned to my grandfather while he worked for the British Government. My father was born into a large family, surrounded by warmth, family traditions and seven sisters! 

MM: What inspired you to start up a specialized luxury tea brand in India?

RC:  After travelling the world and returning to my roots, I was surprised to discover that despite being a country of tea producers, exporters and drinkers, we still did not have a luxury Indian brand that globally represented India’s rich tea heritage.

I wanted to start a beautiful brand that brought back old-world experiences, family connections and celebrated India, right from the ingredients to the packaging.

MM: You are most known for your exquisite blended teas, describe the most exciting part about the blending process?

RC: The most exciting part of our blending process is having an idea in mind, sitting down with the team and breathing life into a new product. It’s a process of trial and error, sourcing different ingredients and multiple tastings until we perfect what we have in mind. 

Creating a new blend gives us a break from other aspects of the business and reminds us why we’re doing this, to serve our customers the very best of India!

MM: How do you drink your tea? Do you have a favorite? 

RC: My tea drinking habits are seasonal and I believe in listening to what my body needs. When the weather’s changing, I make sure I sip a lightly brewed Ayurvedic Blend or organic green tea to boost immunity. I enjoy a cold brewed single estate tea with fresh fruit during the summer and a classic Masala Chai for the cold Delhi winters. 

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m currently partial to our lovely Jaipur Blend as a treat in the middle of the day.

MM: What is your vision for No. 3 Clive Road? 

RC: My vision for the company is to create a globally recognized brand that represents the best of what India has to offer in terms of full-leaf teas and accessories.

MM: You travel often through India to source your teas. What are your favorite destinations in India?

RC: My favorite destination to visit and to source tea from is Darjeeling. Situated at the foot of the Himalayas with views of snow-capped peaks and gently sloping tea gardens, Darjeeling is known as Queen of the Hills and produces some of the finest teas in the world.

It’s an absolute treat to go there and stay at our partner estates and witness the sheer effort that actually goes into bringing tea from the gardens to the package delivered to your doorstep. It’s really an honor to be a part of this process.

MM: Tell us about No. 3 Clive Road Tea Sommelier?

RC: Our tea sommelier, Keertna Sapra, lives and breathes tea! She brings her passion for tea to work (and now remotely) every day and has been a tremendous asset to building the brand. 

MM: Tell us about new projects, new flavors? 

I’m very excited to reveal what our team’s been crafting for October. We’ve been working on an exciting new range of wellness teas during this pandemic, which we will be unveiling very soon for the festive season. I think these last six months have taught us all that health and wellness should be an integral part of our everyday life. With this new range we encourage everyone to stay safe and sip healthy!

Visit www.threecliveroad.com to order your exquisite hand blended teas today.

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