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Having custom made clothes can sound luxurious to some but in India, choosing your own fabric and working with your tailor is quite common and affordable. Actually, depending on the garment, it can be more cost effective than buying off the rack. From delicate silk sarees to simple kurtas, even western clothes, here are tailors who handle any and all types of clothing. Finding a GOOD tailor is another subject… will fill you in with our recommendations and tips on tailors soon!

In the meantime, if you are looking for quality fabric in Delhi, Nehru Place is the place to go.  It is considered to be the best place in Delhi to find quality fabrics and appliances. Electronics are popular as well but from my experience, there are a lot of imitations sold here so if you’re looking for genuine electronics, you may want to head elsewhere.

Fabric stores in Nehru Place are known for its competitive prices and for its wide selection of fabrics and items related to textiles and garments. You may have to spend a bit of time some in order to find the shop (or shops) that work for you but if you are looking for options and quality, Nehru place is your best bet.

This market is filled with a plethora of option so you can simply go from one store to the other if you aren’t satisfied with the products. All the merchants present in these premises have been in the industry from a very long time and can help you on choosing the right fabric. As anything in India, take your time in choosing and don’t settle too quickly, not until you have seen all your options.

Most shops will sell fabric by the meter so make sure you have an idea of how much fabric you will need before heading out.

Here are a few shops we like to shop at:


The biggest and most popular shop in Nehru Place when it comes to fabric. The basement floor is where you can find all types of fabric in all range of design, material and price.The store has a back elevator. It takes you to the top level to find silks, silk combinations, and some vintage Indian fabrics. 


Another popular shop known for its wide selection of fabrics. They also specialize in retail and trade of export fabrics. So, you will find unique materials to make some fabulous western dresses and more but be prepared to think outside the box as there are fabrics everywhere. 


The shop that sells all things Ikat! The decorative weave textile known throughout Asia is used often for clothes and home appliances. The range of patterns and color is impressive.


This shop specializes in all types of lace and embroidery lace as well as woven tapes and brooches.

There are also Home Décor showrooms which could help in choosing the right decor for your Delhi home. From bedding materials, to electrical appliances and other items required to decorate your home. There are timber industries as well where you can find some amazing wooden items.

Many claim that the worlds big fast fashion brands acquire their fabric from wholesalers in Nehru Place and we wouldn’t be surprised. Take a day to head out to Nehru Place and have a walk around and peek into some of the shops that attract you. We’re sure you will find some gems.

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