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Interview by Mibu Minami

I believe you can never have enough jewellery. Would you agree? They accent any outfit, and it gives that extra boost to a girl’s morale. Of course, it plays an important part when attending social gatherings in India.. so I tell my husband.
A pioneer in setting design trends and establishing itself as one of Delhi’s most trusted jewellers, Mogha Jewellery is no foreigner within the Delhi expat community. If you have been in Delhi for a while, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard the name. Nestled in the shopping arcade of Hotel Le Meridien, they have been alluring domestic and international customers for two generations. After months of lockdown, it was a pleasure to see their friendly faces and their sparkly precious gems!
While admiring the bling and sipping on delicious chai, I sat down with the owner’s son Rishi Mogha to ask about their history, as well as a few tips on acquiring jewellery in India.

Mibu Minami (MM): I remember meeting you for the first time at a mela hosted by the Japanese community in Delhi.
Rishi Mogha (RM):
We have been serving the Japanese community in Delhi for over 12 years. Before that, we were known within the American and Canadian community but by word of mouth it spread to the Japanese community. Customers from other communities seems to like a mixed type of design but I can say almost 90% of our Japanese customers prefer more smaller and subtle designs but with good quality gemstones. We design a variety of jewellery big and small, but our type of design seems to match their preferences. At Mogha Jewellery, we believe we have to understand each community’s preferences and customise it accordingly.

MM: Tell us about the background of Mogha Jewellery.
My father and uncle started the business 35 years ago. We have been in the Hotel Le Meridien since it opened 32 years ago. We were their first store. Now, myself and brother Rachit Mogha are running the business. During my father’s generation there were frequent customers from Malaysia, Indonesia the Philippines, Britain and Canada. These days there are more from Japan, Korea and of course America, Canada and Britain.

MM: What should we look for in jewellery in India, best to buy diamonds?
Diamonds, yes. 95% of the worlds diamond production is cut and polished in India. Diamonds do not originate in India anymore and rough diamonds are imported from countries such as South Africa, Australia and Canada. But cutting and polishing is done in India because labour is cheaper and efficient. India displays its expertise in cutting & polishing of diamonds. Hence the price of diamonds is cheaper when purchased in India. It is the same for gemstones. Some gemstones originate in India but like diamonds, many come from other countries and are cut and polished in India. Most cutting and polishing of diamonds are done in Gujurat.

MM: Any other advice you can share when purchasing jewellery? RM: Have an idea of what you are looking for, the type of stone, a design, whether you prefer gold or silver, for example. Having an idea of how much you would like to spend is also good.

MM: Can we also discuss designs and options with you?
We have loose gemstones and do customization. There is also our silver section for less expensive pieces. For quality gemstones, we usually use gold, but we can always discuss what works best.
We choose our stones carefully. All the diamonds are conflict free and we are aware of any treatments that may have been done on the gemstones.

We have a trained eye to select the natural stone from a treated one. We are transparent about it with our clients.
Certificates are useful for insurance purposes. They can be used internationally and the gems can possibly be valued for more outside India.

MM: I have noticed there is no bargaining at Mogha, prices are fixed. RM: We always price our items at a fair price. We believe in maintaining a cordial relationship with our customers by giving the best possible price from our end, therefore there is no bargaining.

MM: I have heard you are going online. Are you building a website? RM: We are starting to go online. We thought about building a website before but there are challenges when it comes to posting photos of gemstones and jewellery and we want to make sure to create a website of good quality. We are in the process of doing so but it will take some time.

MM: Any melas or events for the future?
No events for now. We may join some small gatherings. If anyone would like to arrange one, they can contact us. We are also waiting to see everyone at our store.

**Mogha Jewellery will be joining a Christmas Mela
Date: 20 December (Sunday) 11-16:00 at Dia Park Premier Hotel (Gurgaon)

Mogha Jewellery Pvt Ltd.

#12, Shopping Arcade, Hotel Le Meridien Windsor Place, Janpath, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 Opening hours: Mon -Sat 11:00-6:00
Sundays: 11:00-4:00
Phone: +919999100019

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