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By Moza Alkharusi

Walking around the markets in Delhi I am sure you have come across these little white balls in the snack section. When it comes to food I am a risk taker so I bought a pack and to be honest I was not very impressed, the chewy texture and bland taste didn’t entice me (did not realize you had to cook them!) It was only when I tasted them at trunk show I became totally hooked.

Makhana also known as Fox Nuts, or lotus seeds come from a plant knows as Euryale Fox that grows in ponds in Eastern Asia. They are low in cholesterol, have high magnesium and low sodium content so great for individuals suffering from high blood pressure, they are low in the glycemic index, high in an anti-aging enzyme, gluten-free, protein packed and low in calories. Now if that list doesn’t make you go and buy some makhana I don’t know what will!

Makhana are not only eaten as snacks but often used in quite a few Indian desserts and some savory dishes like Raita and Kheer. These seeds are also used in religious ceremonies and is a popular fasting dish prepared during the nine days of Navrati. 

I honestly can’t get enough of these seeds. I prepare them as a snack by frying them with some ghee until they are crunchy and easily crumble between two fingers then add the seasoning. A healthier preparation is to toss them with some olive oil and almost dry fry them or roast them in the oven. My kids favorite way to eat them is to sprinkle them with some sea salt as they taste just like popcorn. When entertaining I serve them in a variety of flavors; chill flakes, turmeric, Italian seasoning, garlic powder and cheese powder, you really can’t go wrong with anything you put on it, it is always a crowd pleaser. When my parents came for a visit they took a few kilos of makhana back with them- yes, they are that good.

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