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The Indian National Airways Market, or much known to Delhiites as INA Market, is the food bazaar of Delhi. A combination of stalls selling meats, seafood, vegetables, spices, dry fruits and nuts, glassware, home supplies, essential goods and garments. You can find fresh seafood and meats in the connecting wet market as well as imported goods and vegetables that are hard to find in most local markets.

There are registered porters who are available to help you carry groceries and items. Of course porters will expect a guess is somewhere between 20 to 100 rupees. Clearly, there’s much debate about fees and tips so best to use your best judgement. Remember, always be cautious about leaving purchased items alone with anyone, including those who offer to help.

The market is a labyrinth of stalls and you may feel overwhelmed at first but it’s worth a walk around. Like everything in Delhi, you’ll need to spend some time getting used to the bustling market and the flies that flock around the meat market. Rest assure, once you get a handle on how things work and improve your bargaining skills, you’ll be able to find some high quality produce here. Building a good relationship with the shop keeper is always a plus.

Some of the shops have delivery service available depending on where you are located.

Here are a a few shops we recommend:

Ahuja Vegetable    

By far the most popular vegetable shop in the market. Known for their fresh quality and variety of vegetables and fruits, this is the go to shop for many foreign community shoppers. The prices are a bit high but they are known for their quality as well as carrying items not usually found in local markets (i.e. imported avocado, enoki and shiitake mushrooms, banana leaves, coconut shavings) They also keep items stored in refrigerators so if you are looking for something special, don’t hesitate to ask the staff.

Shop no. 115 & 116

Durga Masala Store

There are a variety of spice shops to choose from and you really can’t go wrong shopping at any of them. Durga Masala store has been around for decades and have grown to be one of the most reliable and trusted spice and dry fruit shops in the market. They offer to grind the spice of your choice on the spot.

Shop no. 131 & 132

Modern Halal Chicken   

Good quality local chicken can be found here at a comparatively better price. Most poultry in Delhi are sold skinless but at this shop, you can ask for chicken with or without the skin.

Shop no 213

Khurana Sweet House

Hard to miss this corner shop inside the market with walls neatly stacked with snacks and namkeen (Indian savory snacks). The glass display is filled daily with Indian sweets and samosas, as well as popular street food.

Shop no. 42

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