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by Mibu Minami

Got to talking about fruits with a friend recently, sharing thoughts on which fruits are better this season or where to get the best quality fruits, price, how to bargain and so on.  Amazed at how long we can keep a conversation going about fruits, I also realized that having this kind of conversation is an essential part of living in Delhi.  Sure, gossiping may be more entertaining for some but really, talking fruit can be quite interesting.

To be honest, I find the fruits sold in most upscale supermarkets not just expensive, but the quality can be a hit or miss. I’ve discovered at times the fruits have been left on the shelf or the well decorated baskets for some time and forgotten? My theory is that the turnover doesn’t match the sales and therefore expensive fruits (i.e. berries, melons) just sit on the shelves till they’re too ripe to enjoy. If I can share some advice, don’t be fooled by the nice display and make sure to check each item.

INA Market is likely the best place to go for fruits (and vegetables) in Delhi. Produce found here are fresh and most vendors are reliable. ( *Look for our article on INA Market vendors)

When it comes to fruit, you can find all the basics, apple, banana, orange, pomegranate, grapes, pears to imported cherries and melons. If you order in advance, vendors can find fruits that are not usually on display like banana leaves, mangosteen or something like coconut chips.

The fruit stands around Vivekanand Market on Vivekanand Marg (near Munirka metro station) is also another great place to find quality fruits. Finding your go-to vendor may take a few visits but as many stalls stand next to each other, you can bet the competition helps in getting the best price and quality.

Shopping locally for fruits (and vegetables) may the easiest and some find the roadside fruit sellers can be quite reliable but again, finding your favorite vendor may take some trial-and-error experiments so be patient and work on your bargaining skills. These days, Delhi has a great list of online shops selling organic fruit that are well worth looking into.

Check out our recommendations below. 

When we talk about fruit in India… we can’t go without mentioning the mango fruit. The peak season for mangoes in Delhi is around April to June and they show up everywhere. Hands down, the Alphonso mangoes come in high on the taste level but it’s worth trying the vast varieties mangoes India has to offer.

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