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by Mibu Minami

I stumbled across this uber stylish sneaker shop & café while doing a discovery walk through the market area of Safdarjung Enclave. Wide windows and sleek minimal design and a sleek coffee bar set just right for a view of the coolest sneakers on the planet.  By far it is unlike any boutique shops I’ve seen in Delhi I was instantly intrigued and had to take a peek.

Located next to the famous Piano Man Jazz Club and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Café, I imagine pre-covid days, this area was growing into a hip millennial meeting point. I may not be, or ever was eligible to fit with the millennial crowd but how wonderful it is to see pockets of Delhi embracing the contemporary art & fashion scene.

VegNonVeg is India’s first multi-brand sneaker shop created by entrepreneur and husband of Bollywood actress Sonam K Ahuja, Anand Ahuja. The shop encapsulates his passion for sneakers with carefully curated selections of brands, from Nike, Adidas, Puma to Reebok. Not to mention a collection of Converse classics to retro and vintage styles from Nike and Adidas. The Nike White, Red and Blue Cortez sneakers took me back (a few decades). Oh, how I loved wearing those shoes as a child! Good memories.

Spending my youth in Tokyo, I have been bred unwillingly to appreciate words like “Vintage” and “Limited Editions” even if the items are 50 years old, worn and torn, non-functional even. But if it’s rare or not manufactured anymore and the emblem or some button or stitching is the “original”, we somehow acknowledge its overpriced value.  A fad, Perhaps? But it has a massive following, now more than ever with social media dominating are lives.

I observe that trends come and go but I also see some stick around for decades. And it seems Anand Ahuja and his team at VegNonVeg have great knowledge about what sticks and know how to pick them.

But really, even if you’re not a sneaker head, just enjoy the atmosphere of the shop and stop for a cup of coffee. There are seats available outside too.

VegNonVeg… love the name and their logo!
Do check their impressive online shop too at https://www.vegnonveg.com/

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