Ginni The Potter

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I first came across pottery artist Ginni Suri’s work two years ago at Dastkar Bazaar in Andheria Modh (Chattapur). I’ve always been attracted to pottery and was mesmerized by Ginni’s pieces on display. She was also present that day, so it was a treat to be able to chat directly with the artist about her work. She shared little stories on how each plate, bowl or vase was made and glazed. How she looked forward to seeing the outcome of each piece after they had been fired. All that made me more interested in her work.

The most attractive part of her work are the colors. Ginni has an amazing way of manipulating colors and balancing them with rich textures. Each piece has a sense of natural warmth and strength. Some feel more feminine and sophisticated, where others are more bold and playful. I admire an artist that can portray so much of herself into her art.

I am often drawn to find Arts and Craft Fairs and the India Art Festival has gained much momentum through the years. No knowing how the ongoing pandemic will effect the art scene in India but I’m confident that the desire for unique and beautiful art will always be there.

An artist to look out for, Ginni Suri.

Her latest work are available on her website:

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