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by Arianna Savona

Mid-week relaxing options in New Delhi offer a wide range of activities. I chose to go for the least conventional, nevertheless to me the most rewarding one to greet the Spring season in bloom and get a glow, silky and smooth body skin, after a long season of indoor life.

From the area of Shanti Path, I was driven all the way through the traffic – a mere 25-minute drive during the day – to reach a most hidden corner in Mehrauli, bordering Chattarpur, to enjoy Kairali Ayurvedic Centre for a Udgarshanam wet powder ayurvedic massage, a generous 4-hand full body session, similar to a silent gentle lullaby, to gain relief for a better lymph and blood circulation as well as to benefit of a better whole look and feel.

It was my introduction to the ayurvedic principles, being very curious to experience first-hand the world of Ayurveda, which is the oldest healthcare system in the world.

The Centre is simple but absolutely inviting to enter the sphere of Ayurveda, where a pharmacy at the entrance is the welcoming point, full of medicines typically based on complex herbal compounds, minerals, and metal substances; widely Ayurvedic practitioners regard physical existence, mental existence and personality as unique units, with each element being able to influence the others. This is quite a holistic approach used during diagnosis and therapy and is a fundamental aspect of Ayurveda.

Other Ayurvedic essentials consider channels – srotas – which transport fluids, to be opened up by massage treatment using oils based on natural ingredients.

I was captured by the philosophy behind this medicine and before exploring regions of India where it is widely used, like Kerala, for example, which is probably the only state in India where Ayurveda is used as a mainstream medicine, I decided to start my ayurvedic experience while in Delhi.

Personal suggestions after my experience at Kairali Ayurvedic Centre:

  • Ask for their treatment menus and request details in case of need.
  • Come some time in advance to enjoy the special atmosphere reigning in the venue and the unusual location.
  • Bring your protections but feel safe as they fully and strictly respect safety protocols against coronavirus.
  • Take your time at the end of the treatment to unwind over a cup of herbal tea, listening to your body response after this special experience. 

Kairali has become a widely recognized brand for true Ayurveda, with manufactures in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, hospitality in Palakkad Kerala, several domestic centres in India and international – Tokyo, Yokohama, Abu Dhabi, Reunion, Bangkok, Kuwait among others.

Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre (Delhi)


Address: D-130 Andheria Modh, Mehrauli (near Victory Church/Nature Bazaar) 110074

Tel:  +91 9999842423 – 8826899075 


(Ask for Ajay or Saif)

About Arianna Savona:   

Originally from Rome, Italy, graduated in Switzerland in Hotel Management, Arianna is a specialist in boutique luxury hospitality and international protocol. She currently shares her life between Europe and New Delhi where part of her family calls this metropolis a temporary home.

Curious by nature, she is a tireless traveler, with pre-planning as a priority but new discoveries as the best revelation. Same approach when experiencing living in a new place: always in search for the diverse options available to enjoy the local culture and customs, as well as exploring new addresses in the most hidden corners of the city to collect memorable adventures.

You can follow her passions on Instagram @arianna.savona

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