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How about taking a stroll in one of the most beautiful gardens of the capital city of India? The Lodhi Gardens is one of Delhi’s major landmarks, and no one should miss its sprawling beauty. Taking a walk in this beautiful garden can be complete relaxation. The park isn’t just about the plants and flowers; there are some stunning architectural tombs of the renowned Delhi Sultanates, Mohammed Shah and Sikander Lodhi. Apart from these mausoleums, several other beautiful structures attract many people to visit the park, relax for a day picnic with your family, go for a run, or even a photoshoot at this magical place would be magnificent.

The bygone Indian era’s liaison during the Sultanate kingdom gets unleashed as you take a walk through the gorgeous lanes of this garden. The park boasts of being associated with 1000-year glorious history. Everyone who visits Delhi must take some time off their busy schedule for one evening and see this massive garden. This heritage park has a lot to reveal. We will quickly dive into some of the most important facts as to why the Lodhi garden is one of Delhi’s prime attractions.

History and architecture of Lodhi gardens

This beautiful garden traces history back to 1444, Inaugurated by Ala-ud-din Alam Shahin, the fond memory of his father and the then Sayyid Dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate kingdom, Mohammed Shah. In the year 1517, Ibrahim Lodi erected another tomb to mark the brilliance of his father’s rule over Delhi, Sikander Lodi. This place becomes extremely popular due to the presence of the library within the premises. It is said that ‘Akbar, the Great had all his records housed in this library and used it as an observatory during his reign in Delhi.

The garden went through a complete renovation in 1936 during the British Raj when Lady Willingdon took charge of renovating the gardens with her creative touch and was also called Lady Willingdon Park until 1947 when India became independent. In the year 1968, the garden went through another significant transformation by the American Joseph Stein, who established the beautiful glasshouse and renamed the park The Lodhi gardens during this re-landscaping time. 

The garden spreads across a 90-acre area and is one of the favorite places for early birds as there is a beautiful lake, a glasshouse, and a Bonsai garden. Built-in the Indo-Islamic style, there are several other interesting spots that one can witness at the park.

The Bara or the Bada Dome, also known as the Big dome, is another Sikander Lodhi contribution. In 1490, a three-domed mosque came to life, but the most significant one is The Bara Gumbad because it adds beauty to the gardens thanks to its complexity.

The Glazed Dome or the Shish Gumbad embellished with blue tiles is the contribution of the ruler Ibrahim Lodi.

Along with all these things, one must not miss the Athpula or Eight Pier Bridge constructed during Akbar’s reign. This bridge is regarded as one of the architectural wonders within the gardens. So, whether you live or tour the city, please don’t miss this unique and historical garden. The beauty and history are a must-do, and I’m sure you won’t get enough of it  as that’s how we feel every time we visit the park.

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