Rediscover Delhi: A trip back in time at Humayun’s Tomb

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By Mibu Minami

Delhi is the melting pot of several architectural wonders. It is one of those hubs that shone and rose to fame during the Mughal rule in India. There are several mausoleums, gardens, tombs, and minarets that were built during their reign in India. One such beauty is the Humayun’s Tomb. It is the tomb of the Emperor Humayun of the Mughal Dynasty.
Located in the heart of Delhi, Humayun’s tomb is the gem of Nizammuddin area. It is one of the UNESCO heritage centres and is regarded as the earliest garden-tomb that was built in the year 1570.
Known for its rustic looks and amazing style of architecture, Humayun’s tomb has been an inspiration to several other architectural marvels, including the 7th wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal.  

Initially commissioned by the orders of Humayun’s first wife and chief consort, Empress Bega Begum (who’s grave is also inside the same complex) his son Emperor Akbar took the initiative of erecting this tomb in the year 1570. This mausoleum is a perfect blend of the Indo-Persian style of construction and design elements, and it is said that both the artisans worked in harmony to come up with this charming tomb. The arcuate style of arches and beams, distinct to Mughal architecture is fascinating as well as the manicured green garden surrounding the area. The tomb is built in an area of 27.04 ha, making it one of the biggest monuments in Delhi. Nila Gumbad, Isa Khan, Bu Halima, Afsarwala, Babar’s Tomb are some of the other gorgeous mausoleums within the complex.

You can enter this garden from all the four directions, and the gateways are just brilliant. The octagonal-shaped dome has intricate design details along with the pillared kiosks, also called as Chhatris. Decked up blue tiles, the Humayun tomb is one of the prettiest monuments in Delhi, right up there with Lodhi Garden.

A few tips about Humayun’s tomb:

The tomb complex has more than 100 other graves which aren’t inscribed within it is also called as the Dormitory of the Mughals.  If you want to experience the sight of rustic Taj Mahal in Delhi then, this is a go-to place.

Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, a Persian architect, is the mind behind the massive construction of this beautiful tomb.

The tomb is based on the concept of the holy book of Islam, the Quran; thus, it has eight side chambers, and that represents paradise.

If you are looking to rediscover Delhi, take a trip to Humayun’s tomb. Surely one of the most well-preserved monuments in Delhi, the historic architectural buildings and constructions will take you back in time of the Mughal Dynasty as you walk inside the complex and its beautiful garden.  

There is an entrance fee and tickets can be obtained at the entrance or online. 35 RPS for Indian nationals and 550 RPS for foreign nationals. There is a fee you have to pay if you want to take videos inside the complex.

You can buy tickets online:
ASI Monuments Online Ticket Bookings:

Opening hours: No exact hours but it is usually open from sunrise to sunset.  Address: Bharat Scouts and Guides Marg, Nizamuddin East
New Delhi,
Delhi-110002, India
Phone number: 011 2435 5275

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