My Memories of Delhi

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By Eva Garay

As we arrived in Delhi, and we were in the car’s back seat looking through the window, tears started rolling down my cheeks. I was in shock to see the different views, sceneries of Delhi’s streets back in 2006. It was a massive impact as I wasn’t used to recognizing anything like it. Who could have told me, living in India would become one of the most memorable experiences of my life? And we lived until 2016 without a doubt it was a fantastic experience. So much that today we all still miss India.

India offers a wide variety of things to learn from, much more so than many other places on Earth! Now I understand why the obsession of Columbus for finding the Indias. To get some guidance and make it easier for expats to navigate India’s fascinating and complicated aspects, a website like MangoliMag is a beautiful tool. I wish I would have had myself back in the day when I was living in Delhi.

In my case, my experience in India threw me in a valuable space of learning about myself while learning to Live, Love India.

What a better place than India to meet the right people and businesses or classes to learn from the actual source and share your knowledge later as a teacher somewhere else in the world! I did it!! And so can you. You can get all different courses from yoga classes with Seema Sondhi at The Yoga Studio, where I obtained my diploma as a yoga instructor. Suruchi Bazas for reflexology education and practice. Mr. Mishra for Sujok, a therapy teaching of acupressure on hands, meditation… all types of meditation, and so much more. The list can go on and on…

When I lived in India, the only way to get that valuable information was through friends or different chats from different countries, which took time to build. In contrast, I lived and learned on the go. Still, by the time you could have found out about one thing or another, at times or in some cases, was a bit late to follow through. As you all probably know, for us expats, time is precious and limited when living abroad in a foreign country.

As I write these lines today, I realize we didn’t have the help of a virtual magazine like MangoliMag (great idea, Carla and friends).

I believe it would have made life much more comfortable. Great pieces of information had to be patiently pulled out from people who held on to them like a well kept secret. Only if you were at the right place meeting the right people at the right time would you had been lucky enough to get that information. That’s how it worked back then for some reason. Please don’t ask me why.

I hope this new adventure in your life will be as great as mine, and with MagnoliMag’s help, I can almost guaranty it will be much more easygoing.

By the way, do not try to understand anything in India; dive in, go with the flow, and see what you discover. “YOU’LL BE AMAZED.”

Seema Sondhi Yoga Studio:

Mr. Mishra ACU-CLINIC:

Eva Garay is originally from Spain, mother, wife, Delhi expat who moved to India in 2006 following her husband’s work and lived in Delhi with her family until 2016.

Carla Maradey: “Luckily for me, her husband was in the same industry as mine (Air & Space), and we met by pure chance at one of the many receptions. She was an excellent resource for sharing lots of Delhi’s secret gems when I arrived in 2013. I was fortunate to explore the city with her and learn many facets and places of life in Delhi. And for that, I’m grateful. Eva is a good friend, and we continue to keep in touch even though she’s currently living with her family in Chile.”

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