Haus Khas Village

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How about visiting a place that brings out the rich heritage of the bygone era with a touch of the modern world? Well, would it not be an amazing experience to take a tour of a place like this amidst the middle of the bustling city? It would certainly be, especially when you are seeking out for a change from your routine work life and unwind completely. Haus Khas Village in South Delhi is one of the best places that open the doors for all party lovers.

Letting loses in an ambience surrounded by the Delhi Sultanate architectural marvels which boast about the glorious past can be one of the finest things to do at the Haus Khas Village. The ambience is perfect for partying.  As you look around, the vivid coloured flora and fauna surrounding the rustic buildings can make you feel amazing.

This is one of those places that can mesmerize you as it is not only about the lavish restaurants and party houses. It is a perfect spot for people that are interested in photography as it offers the best backdrop for the pictures.  You can also simply take a walk diving into the history of the Delhi Sultanates and their architectural marvels. Apart from this, there are a lot of shopping areas that offer the best and attractive goods at an affordable cost. The Haus Khas Village is regarded to be one of the amazing setups amidst the urban Delhi, and as there is no entrance fee. However, there are some restrictions at some of the restaurants, pubs, and bars regarding the entrance. 

The village is open to everyone on all days from morning 10:30 AM to evening 7:30 PM. But, the restaurants and the party houses are fully lit until 1 AM with strict patrolling and police supervision. One can easily spend 4-6 hours exploring the whole village, and it can be a one-day affair, and you can enjoy thoroughly.

When you are here, make sure to spend enough time at the Deer park right at the entrance. You would also get to see a reservoir surrounded by lush green plants. Birding and animal enthusiasts can get to spot peacocks, guinea pigs, deer, rabbits, and different species of insects. The garden is a beauty to watch because of these animals and birds, and thus, kids would get to enjoy their time here.

Apart from this, you must also experience the light and sound show that takes you through the history of the complex. This show is organized by the tourism department, and this is one of the must-do things when you are here.

This complex transports you to another world altogether. You can easily spend time here by tapping your feet to the loud music of the DJ and enjoy the real night outs by decking yourselves up with some fads. Fake moustaches, the radiant caps with horns lit up are some of the funky accessories that people wear and dance all night. *Be aware of store timings and temporary closing of shops due to COVID-19 security measures.

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