Favourite Indian Sweets

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India is one of the most popular countries in terms of diverse culture, rich heritage, thousands of mother tongues and dialects, everything about India is highly unique. Many things like these can make you fall in love with this fantastic country. Indian cuisine is also cherished throughout the world but there should be more attention to the wide variety of sweet delicacies that are prepared in this country.

Every state has its specialty, and you need to experience all of them at least once. The taste, texture, color, and the ingredients used in the sweet delicacies vary from one place to another. In this article, we have come up with an exclusive list of favorite Indian sweets that you must try.


Rasmalais is the King of Indian sweets. This sweet delicacy originates from West Bengal and is one of the tastiest desserts that become an instant favorite. Made using milk, Rasmalais are to be eaten chilled loaded with assorted nuts. The flavor of the saffron milk dipped Rasmalais, soft and spongy can make you drool over them. Well, no need to keep a count on it as they melt in your mouths.

Pooran Poli

This Maharashtra dessert is often prepared during the festival season. The mixture of different kinds of dal and pulses mixed with a generous amount of grated coconut and Jaggery stuffed and rolled in the All-purpose flour dough make the Pooran Polis one of the most favorite Indian sweets. Served hot with Ghee and piping hot milk enhances the taste of this dish even more. Sweet-toothed people would certainly fall for this dish at once.

Mysuru Pak

Mysuru Pak has its roots in Mysuru, the princely city in the state of Karnataka. Overloaded with Ghee, this delicacy is mouth-melting. With every bite, you are surely going to experience the blast of happiness. Made using besan flour and Ghee, this is one of the most favorite sweet dishes in India.

Gulab Jamun

There is probably no one who hates Gulab Jamuns! If you do, then you are missing out on something really yum. These soft and spongy sugar dipped balls of happiness are must-eat in India. The real taste of Gulab Jamun can be experienced when you eat them super-hot topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  This dish comes from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Agra ke Pethe

As the name says it all, Agra’s Petha is one of the favorite sweet delicacies that people crave to eat. Made using sugar and pumpkin, the looks of this sweet makes you feel like eating them more. The sugar dipped ash-gourd pieces melt in your mouth, leaving the sweetness to linger on your taste buds. These are just some of the Indian sweets that people are fond of. Apart from this, several other equally good delicacies have to be eaten in India. They are extremely beautiful in terms of colors and flavours so have a try and find your favourite.

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