Delhi’s National Zoological Park Reopens

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Delhi’s National Zoological Park is back in action after remaining shut for over a year. Plans are to open again to visitors this week on 1st of April and it seems the zoo have taken full advantage of the hiatus to improve its infrastructure and dedicate time to pampering the resident animals. Additions of some new animal species have also been reported, no details just yet but introductions are just a few days away.

Located near the 16th-century fortress Purana Qila and Sunder Nursery, the zoo is spread across a sprawling 176 acres housing more than 1350 animals and birds belonging to almost 130 species. Don’t worry about covering everything by foot as there is a facility of battery-operated vehicles that you can drop on and off accordingly.

  • Inception and History

The official inauguration the Delhi zoo happened in the year 1959, decades after the capital city was formed. The zoo was finally built under the supervision of N. D. Bachkheti from the Indian Forest Service. The design and the architectural layout of the zoo were done by Carl Hagenbeck and were granted permission to be constructed after certain modifications to the plan. The design of the zoo was approved in order to inspire the other zoos of the country. 

  • Conservation breeding program

Apart from housing various animals, the zoo also has a program for conservation breeding, and it takes place under the approval of the Central Zoo Authority for animals like Indian rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, antlered deer, and red jungle fowl.

The antlered deer that were part of the breeding program can now be seen in the national parks at Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Mysuru. Well, that shows how successful these breeding programs are.

  • Animals and birds that you can spot

Animals like Zebras, Chimpanzee, Spider monkey, Wild buffaloes, Lions, Bengal & White Tigers and Bears…oh my! are some of the animals that you can get to see when you are taking a tour of the zoo. Apart from these, you can also witness the Hyenas, jaguars, and macaques. The zoo is an abode to several migratory birds as well and there is a separate spot reserved for reptiles at the centre of the zoo.

From 1st of April, entry tickets will be available online only through its official website or QR codes at the entrance of the zoo. With safety measures in place, limited people are allowed entry for a limited time of 4 hours.

The long summer is upon us so remember to protect yourself from the sun and carry water when visiting the zoo.

National Zoological Park Website:

Zoo Timings:
1st April to 15th October                  9:00am to 4:30pm
16th October to 31 March               9:30 to 4:00pm

Closed every Friday

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