Delhi Contemporary Art Week 2021

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by Mibu Minami

I recently came across an article in the New York Times about a couple defacing an $400,000 art piece by mistakenly vandalizing it. The couple apparently thought the paint and brushes which were set up as part of the artwork were tools used for participatory art and decided to…participate. (oops!)
This story amused me. I mean, who doesn’t get a chuckle out of this? (Sorry Mr. artist..who by the way goes by the name JonOne) Yet this story also assured me that art has no rules, no limits or boundaries. Come to think of it, the artwork could very well have been an interactive one and now with all this ‘unwanted’ attention, the value of the artwork has most likely soared. I think that’s the attraction and perhaps the crux about what contemporary art is, that subject alone makes it all the more enjoyable.

I am not an artist and have no experience in critiquing artwork, but I do enjoy all the conversations art can generate. And if the past year of living simply (and cautiously) has taught us anything, it has taught me to appreciate the things or activities that were so easily available before…like stepping into an art exhibit and being inspired, feeling something new or different.

It was really a delight to have caught the Delhi Contemporary Art Week this year at the historic Bikaner House. It was organized by seven Delhi based galleries showcasing a variety of contemporary artwork from featured South Asians artists. Pure and vulnerable works of Bhagyanath C (Latitude 28) to Tayeba Begum Lipi’s (Shrine Empire) works of giant safety pins made of a number of stainless-steel razor blades titled “Solidarity” as well as Neerja Kothari’s (Shrine Empire) intricate lines of “Breathe. Release” was especially intriguing.

Tayeba Begum Lipi “Solidarity” & “Fastened/Unfastened”
Bhagyanath C “Secret Dialogue 5”
Neerja Kothari “Breathe. Release”

Delhi Contemporary Art Week 2021 continues until 15th April. If you missed it, you could view the artist’s work online and surely book a visit to their representing galleries.
Keeping fingers crossed and hope it will be back next year for even a bigger event.

Bikaner House:

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Blueprint 12:

Exhibit 320:

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Latitude 28:

Nature Morte:

Shrine Empire:

Vadehra Art Gallery:

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