Conociendo Delhi (Knowing Delhi)

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By: Mirna Pol

Artículo original en Español

And there were not one nor two nor three… there were hundreds!!! Countless women, united by language: they all spoke Castillian “Disque español,” as the Latinas would say … 

One of them, and a few, who followed, came up with creating a WhatsApp group coordinated for cultural outings in Delhi. It all happened after I arrived in Delhi, at lunch, to where I had been invited. A lunch with “Amigas Latinas” (Latin Girlfriends). A group of Castillian speaking women from all over the world who gathered socially once a month for lunch, but this will be a whole new article on its own. There, I came across an excellent idea for the proposal of the Whatsapp group!!!

In the life of the so-called “Expats,” the social ties are fundamental. And in India, they were essential. Even for the most independent expats. The difficulties in Delhi or a foreign country can be many, but with useful guidance or information, overcoming them becomes more manageable, even if there is no solution. Sharing your problems always makes it less painful.

I remember a frantic mother that had just arrived, asking for a pediatrician’s recommendations because her baby had a high fever. Within a few minutes, there were plenty of pediatricians. Even cars with drivers to take the baby to the doctor.  

Was something essential out of stock? Like diapers, milk, or a special flour? Ask on the Whatsapp group. You would either get directions to the best place to get them or even have people offering you the essentials themselves! There was always someone willing to come to your aid.

We all spoke Castilian … Spanish, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Argentinian, Bolivian, Chilean, Mexican, from doing things “ahoritita,” (right now), to getting on the car, “el carro” or “el auto.” Or for that matter, taking care of our “wawas” or “patojos,” “monos or monas” when referring to kids or children in general. Confusing but unique altogether.

The real important thing was recognizing that “Conociendo Delhi” was becoming part of a family. A great family, a chosen sisterhood, and like in any family, opinions sometimes differed. Opposites meet and, well, no need to tell you how that goes when female hormones cross each other.

All of this happened three years ago. Carmen, who started the group and with the help of another lady (Mariana) who was much more tech-savvy than Carmen, have already returned to their native beloved homes.

However, new members continue to arrive, and the change in “management” has gone smoothly. I have been told that “Conociendo Delhi” continues to function how it was always intended. Under the help and supervision of Silvia S., Roxana M., Patricia E., and Carla M., they are keeping the great WhatsApp group active. Bravo Ladies!!!

It only remains to say thank you to all my dear friends, and especially to you, my dear Carmen, for your initiative. Undoubtedly, this group has helped me, as it did others, get to know Delhi a lot better. Carmen, you’ll be happy to know your initial idea flourished. 

I recommend those arriving in Delhi to look for a reference group to give you a hand or make one group yourself! You can’t imagine how much you’ll need it! “Conocindo Delhi” is open to anyone with Spanish knowledge. Regardless of where you come from Latin or not, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Mirna Pol

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