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Interview by Mibu Minami

Ankita is a Chartered Accountant with over a decade of work experience. She is a part of the core management team at a mid sized company. She is also an entrepreneur and pursues her passion of promoting a healthy lifestyle and eating habits in children by avoiding junk food and providing healthy alternatives and families through her venture Mamma’s Kitchen.  Previously, she has worked with Deloitte in international tax and expat tax. She is a Delhite and based out of South Delhi and lives with her husband and 3 year old twins boys. She loves to cook , travel and meet new people. She is a strong supporter of community building and leadership. Keeping this in mind, she has taken the initiative to found 3G (Global Girls Group), South Delhi Playdates, Delhi Babies Club, New Age Mompreneurs and Delhi Mums and Dads.

We reached out to Ankita to ask about 3G (with over 900 participants) which has recently announced a comeback after a long “pandemic” hiatus and scheduling safe organized meetups.

Mangoli Mag (MM): We’ve heard about 3G group during lockdown and we’re happy that it’s restarting again. Tell us, what was the initial reason to start the group?

Ankita Gupta (AG): Having worked with expatriate taxation in my first job , I always felt and understood how challenging it is for an expatriate (especially for women who are coming to work here or coming as a trailing spouse) to adjust in a city like Delhi. I used to volunteer for support groups and meet ups for women expats for an international community . However, I realised that there were few challenges in that platform like membership fees, lack of quality and background checks on new members so I decided to start my own community in 2013. 

The purpose of the group is to provide a platform to the expat women who are new to India or Indian culture or environment to support moving/settling in India and share living experiences in India!

MM: As expat women, we’ve all had challenges getting used to the ways of living in Delhi and talking about them with fellow expats often helps. What sort of activities do members organize?

AG: Our community is mostly about experiencing Delhi so we try to organise lot of meet ups around heritage and historical walking tours , local cuisine restaurant meet ups . 
We usually have monthly events which every member can partake in on a pay-what-you-order-for basis. We also have workshops with fixed, per-head prices.  Here’s is the list of our popular meet ups to give you an idea.

  •  Indian cooking workshop
  • Guided shopping tour of a local market
  • Learn to tie different types and styles of sarees
  • Pottery workshop
  • Bollywood dance meet up
  • Yoga Meet up

MM: Tell us about the NGO groups 3G supports, if any.  

AG: We do not have support from any NGO yet . However, the founder has a vast network in Delhi so she tries to get some sponsorships. Sometimes members also host free events for fellow members.

MM: What are some of 3G’s best memories? 

AG: It is really hard to pen down a few best memories. Every meet up has few new members and is a different experience. There has been some amazing meet up such as the saree meet up , the pottery workshop , Goa trip etc.  The best part is when an expatriate returns to her country and recommends this group to a family or friend coming to India, then we feel very proud and humbled.

MM: How can one join 3G? 

The Global Girl’s Group has members from various embassies as well as a lot of expat women working in India on short-term assignments, internships, and students. This group is women only and open to membership to the following and is strictly by invite only.

• An Expatriate working in India or an Expatriate’s wife (trailing spouse)

• A foreigner settled in India / Married to an Indian / Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)

• A foreigner looking for opportunities in India or staying in India or planning to stay in India for more than 3 months

• A foreigner tourist planning to travel within India for more than 2 months

MM: Any advice for newcomers to Delhi? 

AG: Delhi is a fun and friendly city with a lot of experiences and history to share with everyone . It takes time to grow upon newcomers.  In the beginning take each day as it comes. Don’t hesitate to ask for help around and don’t hesitate to ask questions . If anyone or anything makes you uncomfortable , don’t be shy to say no. The more you will communicate, the easier would be for you to adjust.

MM: Thank you Ankita, look forward to the next meet up!

For more information about Global Girls Group (3G):

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